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The Women of Distinction event is part of a national Girl Scout program that celebrates the achievements of women. Honorees are women whose personal and professional accomplishments make them positive role models who inspire girls to achieve their own goals and dreams. They exemplify the Girl Scout Promise and Law through ethical leadership and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens through community service.

Funds that are raised through Women of Distinction events help to extend Girl Scouting to underserved communities and increase service to local troops. It enables Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi to provide exciting, engaging and educational programs and to offer financial assistance to girls who otherwise would not be able to participate in Girl Scout activities, opportunities, events or adventures.

  • 2017 Capital Area Women of Distinction

    Barbie Bassett 
    Rep. Debra Hendricks Gibbs 
    Rosalyn Howard
    Sherry Pitts 
    Hon. Constance Slaughter-Harvey 
    Rosie Weary

  • 2016 Capital Area Women of Distinction

    Pamela Confer
    Mende Malouf Alford
    Felicia D. Gavin, PhD
    Bobbie K. Ware


  • 2015 Capital Area Women of Distinction

    First Lady Deborah Bryant
    Carol Biedenharn
    LoRose Hunter
    Janet Scott
    LouAnn Woodward, MD

  • 2014 Capital Area Women of Distinction

    Beverly Wade Hogan
    Beth Kellogg
    Holly Lange
    Leigh Reeves
    Charlotte Seals
    Trish Windham


  • 2014 Pine Belt Area Women of Distinction

    Judge Dawn Beam
    Angela Hilbun Collins
    Beverly Dale, PhD
    Melinda Grey Lucas, DMD
    Robin J. Robinson

Please check back for information about the 2018 Women of Distinction and how you can be a part of this special event.