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Cookie Entrepreneur

Family Affair

The year-by-year Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin collection is the latest addition to the Girl Scout Cookie Program - and was inspired by and designed for families just like yours!

It’s never been easier to support your girl as she develops business skills, makes amazing memories, and earns a different pin for her uniform every cookie season. The simple, age-specific guidelines have been tailored for her developing skillset, making success a snap.


Goal setting is the first step to making dreams a reality. Here at Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi, we want our girls to experience the feeling of accomplishment first hand. That’s why we’ve come up with The Entrepreneurial Pin Program. Each Girl Scout in any age group can achieve an Entrepreneurial Pin by filling out a goal plan sheet this cookie season. By looking at potential rewards for achieving the desired sales, each girl will set her cookie sales goal for the season. Using the Entrepreneurial Pin Tracking Sheet based on her age group, girls can fill in the goal tracker as the sales are completed. 

Because there is more to a goal than simply setting and achieving it, the Entrepreneurial Tracking Sheets also offer help along the way, asking girls to think “What are the steps I can take to achieve this goal?” and providing spaces to create mile markers of small achievements. At the end of the season, if the goals set were achieved, along with pride for hitting their sales target, girls will receive their Entrepreneurial Pin.

  • Daisy Entrepreneur Pin
  • Brownie Entrepreneur Pin
  • Junior Entrepreneur Pin
  • Cadette Entrepreneur Pin
  • Senior Entrepreneur Pin
  • Ambassador Entrepreneur Pin