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New to Girl Scouts?

At Girl Scouts, “Can I?” quickly turns into “I will!” as girls transform their ideas into action, turn their questions into adventure, and grow their confidence through practice. And with more than 60 million other G.I.R.L.s to cheer them on every step of the way, there’s no limit to what they can—and will—accomplish.

Here we have collected a variety of resources to help you begin your journey with Girl Scouts.

New Leader's Guide

You—A Girl Scout Leader! 

Being a Girl Scout leader is an incredible journey along which you’ll shape the future by working with girls today. With your guidance, encouragement, and go-getting spirit, your Girl Scouts will be ready to embark on a lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure. And along the way, you’ll hone your own leadership style and discover that you’ll achieve more than you thought possible! 

In Girl Scouting, leadership is about more than “being in charge” or having a title; it’s recognizing that you’re part of a team and understanding that team’s needs and interests. 

Check out our Guide for New Leaders!

Keep Girl Scouts Going

Raising Awesome Girls

Raising Awesome Girls

Raising girls to be happy, healthy, and successful is simpler than ever with help from Girl Scouts. As the largest leadership development organization for girls in the United States, we're proud to be a thought leader for all parents raising up the next generation of girls and young women. From knowing how much to help with her homework to navigating sensitive issues in the news with your family, we've got everything you need to raise girls with confidence.

Want even more information about how to connect with your G.I.R.L.?   Check out our Family Connections guide.

Girl scout Family

You probably already know that Girl Scouts can help your girl be happier, healthier, more successful in school, and more satisfied with her life. But it’s not just your girl who benefits when you join—Girl Scouts makes family life better by:

  • Reinforcing the values you’re teaching at home
  • Offering fun and meaningful bonding experiences you’ll cherish forever
  • Deepening your family’s connection to the community
  • Supporting you and yours with tailor-made family resources and advice on navigating today’s complex world

Check out our new Family Connections guide!


Stuck at home?  No worries, Girl Scouts is full of fun activities and social events just for you!  Check out this cool coloring book full of information.  And, while you're here, hop on over to our Girl Scouts at Home page and check out all of the fun activities and events we have going on right now.

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