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It's a Robot Thing

Sat Feb 04, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM CST
Daisies, Volunteers

Imagine you just created a program to tell a robot what to do. How would you tell it to go into the kitchen in your house? What steps would it need to take to move there? Can you be a robot and follow instructions? Could you be a programmer? Let’s play “Programmer Says” to find out!

10:00 - Arrival & Presentation on different robots
10:20 - Basic Block coding to control Virtual Reality robots
10:45 - Design Robots to Solve Problem
11:15 - Code/Drive Robot Stations - Sphero Minis, RVRs, Drones

Daisies participating in all activities will earn the Robotic badges: What do Robots do and How Robots Move.  This is a member event; however, if you are a non-member adult/chaperone, you can register.  Please get in touch with Kyna McCalpin at 601-326-5648 or to complete your registration.