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Girl Scout Cookies Are Available Digitally

Girl Scout Cookies

With a few clicks on your computer or a quick scan of a QR code, Girl Scout Cookie fans can order cookies to be shipped directly to them.  

Girl Scouts is making it possible for all consumers nationwide who don’t already know a Girl Scout to purchase Girl Scout Cookies online for shipment to their doors. Beginning February 1, customers can enter their zip code into the Girl Scout Cookie Finder to find a local troop to purchase from through the Digital Cookie platform for direct shipment or donation to local organizations. This additional contact-free method supports local girls while keeping their safety and skill building top of mind.

“Like other people running small businesses, Girl Scouts are growing their cookie sale online to connect to consumers who may be harder to reach during the pandemic, all while staying resilient and learning skills such as money management, goal setting, and customer service,” said CEO Becky Traweek “We are excited to open virtual cookie booths beginning February 1 to customers who don’t know a Girl Scout so they can still support girls during this challenging time for all of us.”

What could be more Girl Scout than giving back to the community? Join us in bringing lots of smiles to “Cookies for Heroes” s by donating delicious Girl Scouts Cookies — the cookie varieties will be automatically selected.  Your donation will help us continue our tradition of service to local organizations.                                     

When you make a Girl Scout Cookie purchase, you’re helping the next generation of young female entrepreneurs get an important taste of what it takes to be successful—teamwork, planning, and a positive.  When you support her success through the Girl Scout Cookie Program®, you’re narrowing the entrepreneurship gap between women and men by nurturing that go-getter spirit early on and equipping her with skills for a lifetime.