Troop Meeting Updates
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Troop Meeting Updates

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Dear Leaders, Parents, and Girls,

The health and well-being of our members is our primary concern at Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi.  We are in unprecedented times.  I’m sure you and your families are eager to get back to normal summer activities.  Many times, this includes Girl Scout meetings and trips.  You may be asking, “When will the girls be able to get together with their troops?”  Unfortunately, the answer is, “not yet”, especially as yesterday, June 25, 2020 saw the biggest day of reported COVID-19 cases in our state.  

Our staff keeps abreast of CDC guidelines, as well as directives from our elected and health officials.  We have partnered with volunteers about safeguards to make sure everyone is practicing the strictest safety measures when we do return to in-person meetings, but the time has not yet come.  As adults, we want to set an example for girls to follow.  Girl Scouts have a long history of helping in the community.  Let’s help now by not putting ourselves in situations that could lead us to unintentionally contract and spread COVID-19 to others in our communities.

Until it is safe for girls to meet in person again, your family can take advantage of many upcoming virtual program opportunities.  You can watch Facebook videos of events we have had throughout the spring.  You can also find information about upcoming virtual opportunities on our Facebook page at Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi and on our web page,  

When it is safe to meet again, your daughter’s leader will have “Return to In-Person Meetings” safety guidelines to follow to keep the girls safe and socially distanced during meetings.  Along with Girl Scout leaders, we have been working on guidelines that include temperature checks when dropped off, making sure there are hand-washing facilities available, and fun ways to remind girls during meetings to stay no less than six feet apart.

 We hope you and your family enjoy the rest of your summer.   Make Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi virtual activities part of that fun!


Becky Traweek, Chief Executive Officer