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When Can Our Troops Start Meeting Again?

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That is the question on everyone’s mind, isn’t it?  During the annual meeting in June, we talked about the need to be smart and safe when returning to in-person meetings.  We asked for leader input in developing guidelines for a safe return to meeting with Girl Scouts.  We met and have been making plans based on that input.  When the time comes for safe in-person troop meetings, we will be ready.  

As you most likely know, the Sun Belt part of the United States is a “hot spot.”  Mississippi is at the top of a spike in cases, especially among younger people.  School districts which had August openings planned are beginning to push those to September, based on the advice of healthcare professionals.  

Taking all these factors into consideration, we are not yet ready to allow in-person meetings with your girls.  We need to remember that this will not last forever – we will be able to get together soon.  Let’s monitor the number of cases of COVID-19 as children return to school before we rush to a full return to pre-pandemic conditions.  

There are ways, however, you can get your troop together. We have new pathways through our virtual meetings.  Both our Council and GSUSA are hosting events in which girls and their families can participate. Please get your girls re-registered so you don’t miss any of the FUN!  

Right now, we need to all do our part to keep everyone we can safe, and that includes our girls AND their family members who may be at risk for a worse case of COVID-19.