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Girl Scouts Camp Life: “There’s No Place like Camp”

Girl Scouts holding a welcome to camp banner

Girl Scout camps offer local girls a great opportunity to get away from it all – while learning skills like archery or canoeing/kayaking. Camping is a great way for girls to try new things, develop a deeper appreciation for nature, and make new friends and memories. For over 75 years, Girl Scout camps give girls an opportunity to grow, explore, and have fun under the guidance of caring, trained adults. 

The Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi offers twelve camp sessions at two different camp sites:

  • Camp Iti Kana is located on over 300 beautiful wooded acres, 8 miles north of Wiggins, Mississippi. We have a 55-acre lake and a pool, and comfortable cabins with built-in beds, lights, and fans. Camp Iti Kana boasts hiking trails, an archery program, a craft house, and an air-conditioned program pavilion.  The camp also has a brand new camping unit that houses 12 people in platform tents.

June 7-9               “Alien Invasion – Troop Camp”                  

June 9-12             “Pony Tails – Resident Camp for 3rd-6th graders”             

June 9-12             “Sparkle Like a Unicorn – Resident Camp for 1st-3rd                                 graders”                 

June 21-23           “Outrageous Olympics – Troop Camp”       

June 23-26           “Career Camp – Resident Camp for 6th graders and                                 older”                                            

June 23-26           “World of Wizardry – Resident Camp for 1st-5th graders”

June 23-26           “Silver Spurs – Resident Camp for 4th graders and                                 older”


  • Camp Wahi is located in a 150 acre hardwood forest near Brandon, Mississippi. This camp offers a pool and a spring-fed lake with a scenic waterfall.  The two spacious lodges and three platform tent units feature modern bathhouses.  Adventurous campers will test the archery range at Camp Wahi.

June 2-5                “Robin Hood’s Archers - Resident Camp for 4th                                 graders and older”                              

June 2-5                “Enchanted Forest – Resident Camp for 1st – 3rd                                 graders”                                  

June 2-5                “Pack and Paddle – Resident Camp for 4th-6th graders   

July 14-16              “Outrageous Olympics – Troop Camp”

July 28-29            “Dabblin’ Variety Camp – Troop Camp”

At Girl Scouts, we think “there’s no place like camp!”  72% of girls surveyed said they enjoyed camping a lot.  Our camps are for ALL girls.  Girls who are not current Girl Scout members pay a $25 membership fee in addition to the regular camp fee.  

 Troop Camp is for Girl Scouts and Troop adults to camp together. To register, go to and click on “Camp” and then “Register for Camp."  Camp fees must be paid and registration complete 2 weeks before the start of the session.  Follow us on Instagram at “gsgms” or on Facebook at “Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi.”