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Join us for our Girl Scouts Go Live! series as we share activities, information, and resources about Girl Scouts.  Join our live sessions on Facebook or click below to watch the video after the live event!

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)

Join us for this fabulously fun science experiment!  This week we'll be making slime and learning about non-Newtonian substances.  Just gather the ingredients and download the instructions below.

Ingredients list for mini slimes(choose one slime or try all 3 to compare):

Unicorn slime

  • glue
  • water
  • baking soda
  • contact lens solution (must have “boric acid” or “sodium borate” in the ingredients)

Smoothie slime

  • glue
  • water
  • Tide laundry detergent (only Tide works for this slime)

Fluffy slime

  • Model magic air dry clay
  • lotion
  • Fun mix-ins = food coloring, glitter, beads, microbeads, confetti, fragrance oils, rock salt


Get ready for some more fun and interactive STEM activities with Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi!  You will need the following to get started:

Girl Scouts Experiments

you are my sunshine

Join us for a fun Mother's Day painting project live stream!  To paint along with us, you will need the following:

Painting Materials

Ready for more, interactive STEM activities?!  Let's explore the properties of water and color with the walking rainbow activity.  Use the guide below to prepare your materials and follow along.

Walking Rainbow

Follow along for this dynamic and fun stop motion animation activity!  Perfect for all levels of Girl Scouts looking to achieve digital art or entertainment based badges.  You will need the following documents to help you follow along:


Storyboard Worksheet

Lego Movie Maker for Android

Lego Movie Maker for IOS

Kennedy Space Center is offering a series of educational videos on its Facebook page.  The perfect opportunity for the Girl who wants to know more about space!

For the Girl who just can't get enough STEM, Left Brain Craft Brain has put together a 28-day list of STEM and STEAM related activities.


Learn all about canoeing in our upcoming live stream.  Want to know more about the parts of a canoe and have a chance to earn a fun patch?  Just download the following documents and take the test after the video!

Canoeing Instructions

Canoe Coloring Page

Parts of a Canoe Test

Let's learn about Campfire safety while making a fun snack and working toward the Campfire fun patch!  Just prepare the supplies listed below and follow along with our video.

Campfire safety instructions and materials

Ready to follow along with the Girl Scouts?  Here is the list of materials you'll need to follow along with our video about making a cardboard oven!


Making a Cardboard Oven

Making a Pizza Box Oven

Adventure to camp OhNo! and learn all about how to be responsible in the great outdoors by following the Leave No Trace guidelines.

The Outdoor Code

The Leave No Trace Worksheet

Life Skills

Ready to have fun and learn a new skill?  Then Tie-Dye is for you.  Learn how Tie-Dye a t-shirt and how to create new and unusual Tie-Dye patterns.

How to Tie-Dye

Reading a book together, "A kids book about body image" by Rebecca Alexander, help with seeing the truth about yourself, and a love and kindness meditation.

Join us for the next Girl Scouts Go live where we learn about taking care of a car!  

Car Care for Teens

Work on your self-care and join us while we create our own sugar scrub and face mask!  Just gather the ingredients below and have fun.


Learn to make healthy snacks and earn badges!  Just download the recipe book below!  

Making Healthy Snacks

Juniors can earn the simple meals badge if the follow the guidelines listed below.

Juniors Simple Meals Badge

Want to take a trip?  See something amazing or discover a new place?  Join us for this week's live stream where we plan a virtual trip together.

Virtual Trip Planning

Join us this week for the Science of Happiness badge workshop.  When you are finished you will have completed all of the steps to earn this badge.

Science of Happiness

Happiness Award

Ready for another life skills live stream?  This time we're talking about communication styles!  Get ready to follow along with us by gathering your communication style materials and printing a copy of the braille alphabet.

Braille Alphabet

What's Your Communication Style?

Learn how to make a face mask from things you have at home!

T-Shirt Mask

Girl Scouts learn how to start a garden and make healthy snacks from garden fruits and vegetables.

My Very Own Garden

Ladybug Snack

Green Slime Smoothie


Build a dream budget with us in the live episode.  Download the worksheet below and gather your materials.

Dream Budget Supplies

Dream Budget Worksheet

Want to learn about the importance of financial literacy and saving?  Join us for our live Entrepreneurship video and get your money skills on!

You will need:

Goal Tracker 

Need/Want Activity Sheet

Is this video we will dive deeper into what it means to be financially savvy!  Learn more about needs, wants and how to be a super-shopper.

You will need the following printable items:


Grocery List

School Shopping List

School Supplies

Elf Money