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Religious Recognitions


Girl Scouting promotes and encourages girls to participate in faith-based programs. It has been part of the Girl Scout tradition since its inception in 1912 and remains a cornerstone of the Girl Scout program. Because spirituality is an important part of Girl Scouting – as we promise when we say “On my honor, I will try to serve God …” – these recognitions may be worn on the front of the official uniform, level with the Girl Scout membership pin.


What are Religious Recognitions?

Religious awards are available through more than 25 different faiths. They are programs that have been created by national religious organizations, not by Girl Scouts of the USA. These programs are created by the various religious organizations to encourage girls to grow stronger in their faith and to become more active in their own religious groups. They encorage spiritual development by providing specific religious instruction.


How Do You Earn Religious Recognitions?

  1. Download the To Serve God Religious Awards Brochure.
  2. Obtain the booklet for the specific religious organization – Contact the religious organization directly to order the workbook (information for each faith is on the To Serve God brochure). Each girl needs her own booklet to document progress. Some organizations offer adult manuals for counselors and mentors.
  3. Parents should review program guidelines – Some programs require that girls be official "members" of the religious institution. Age or grade requirements vary from program to program.
  4. Complete the requirements and obtain the proper signatures
  5. Order the recognition award or pin – Follow the instructions in your booklet for ordering recognitions. These recognitions are not available in the Council shops.
  6. Arrange for the presentation of the award – The award can be presented at any time of the year ). It should be presented in a meaningful ceremony, preferably in the girl's religious institution. Don't forget, Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath is in March.


To find out more, go to www.praypub.org.